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“Kammerspiel” Design Concept For Comfortable Housing In Small Homes

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“Kammerspiel” Design Concept For Comfortable Housing In Small Homes

The world designers and architects increasingly focus on designing interiors, furniture or design concepts for small spaces inspired by the global trend of living in small apartments or sharing apartments and rooms.

One such example comes from  Nils Holger Moormann, who developed a compact and practical cube for living in micro apartments.

It contains everything that a person needs for practical and comfortable housing.  Moormann, who is a self-taught German designer and furniture maker, calls it Kammerspiel, which means small or intimate theatre and comments that in fact this cube is the largest piece of furniture he has made.


He explained that this piece of design will help people save space in small studios or apartments and have more space for comfortable living.



In a time when there are less and less apartments at affordable prices Kammerspiel may be an appropriate solution. This is a room in a room that has enough features and spaces, allowing the rest of the apartment to seem easier and more spacious, says Moormann.

His design cube for housing is an assembly of several rooms such as bedroom, dining room, kitchen and small living room.  Each of these spaces is organized on a different side of the cube.  One side has stairs, which are designed as drawers that offer storage space.

The stairs lead to the top of the cube, where the bed, i.e. the bedroom is placed. The mere fact that it is on top of the cube offers a does of intimacy and privacy as in all standard apartments.

The designer incorporated a built-in cabinet and storage space in the inside of the cube, allowing the apartment to look neat at all times.

As Moormann emphasized, the design cube can be adapted to individual requirements and tastes of the clients in order to match their style and habits.


This  idea offers an interesting solution for the global space with smaller apartments for housing of a larger number of people.


Young people, people without large families in big cities, sometimes by choice, sometimes due to the current supply and the prices for rent or purchase, live in studios or small apartments that require large creativity to fit all spaces. Clothes, furniture and personal belongings in few square meters with the space still looking neat and aesthetically appealing.

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