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9 Worth Watching Short Episode Anime Series


9 Worth Watching Short Episode Anime Series

9 Worth Watching Short Episode Anime Series Featured Image


Before we posted a list of 10 worth watching short anime series which every otaku should watch and we are here with 9 more short anime today which you should be watching!

1. Chocolate Underground

Two guys who are on a mission to find chocolates because some stupid person has put a ban on the supply of chocolates in the towns. They are in search of chocolates because they miss the sweet taste of chocolates that melt in the mouth like a candy floss.

2. Mangirl

Bevy of girls who are trying to recreate the manga. Despite so many hurdles and failures, the girls are determined. Their lack of experience does not stop them even from recreating the manga.

3. Teekyuu

Teekyuu is nothing but a short story about a bunch of students who are a part of their school’s tennis club but the exciting part is that the club never plays tennis.

4. Oneechan ga Kita

Tomoya Mizuhara is blessed with a new sister and he was not even prepared for that. He is not prepared to get the intense love form her new sisters.

5. Aiura

If you need ideas how to waste your time at the school then this bunch has a lot.  They do not study nor take notes. They are only good at one thing which is goofing around.

6. There she is

A rabbit name Doki fell in love with the man-cat named as Nabi. This kind of weird love is not accepted in Doki’s society but Doki is determined and wants to make things right for both of them and for their love.

7. Makura no Danshi

This is one of its own kind. If you are bored of seeing the face of the same guy every day then this is your kind of series, where a new boy comes every day and says sweet things and asks about your day to make you feel good. The storyline is weird but it is based on commercialization of love in Japan.

8. Recorder and Randsell

The story is really interesting and revolves around the brother and the sister. The brother is only 11 years old and he is so tall whereas her sister is 17 and she is really small.

9. Chi’s Sweet Home

This story is about a cute little kitten who gets lost from his cat’s family. Luckily. It gets picked up by a young about who takes it to his home and treats the kitten like a little baby. The family is so caring.

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