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Creepy Google Street View Images


Creepy Google Street View Images

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When you speak of the most awesome services available for use, you have got to give a mention to Google Street View. Google Street View allows you to travel across the world, through images, for absolutely free. However, Google Street View car often comes up with stuff you might not want to see. Here are some of such images and instances:

Gone Dude

Have you ever had your car break down in the absolute middle of nowhere? If you have, then you would know exactly about what this poor dude is going through.

The Bike and the…What?

At first glance, this will appear to be just another picture from France. However, when you look closely at it, the figure standing does not appear to be exactly human, or does it?

Creepy Love

We all know how love comes in all shapes and sizes, right? Well, the expression of love deserves the right timing. This picture will tell you how creepy you might look if you don’t care for that.

The Aliens Are Here

People try so hard to make their own, unique fashion statements. However, what they don’t get is that fashion is supposed to make you stand out and not look odd.

Taking the Literal Highway?

You know each and every one of us will need to take the “final highway” once in our lives, right? Well, this old man took the metaphor a bit too seriously and is all packed up for the journey.

Ghost or Glitch?

On first sighting, this image will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up straight. Later however, you might try to calm yourself down by believing it to be a glitch. But is it?

…I Give Up

We all know how the human race has got the capacity of leaving you in awe, every once in a while, right? Well, consider it one of such moments. Don’t think…don’t talk…just laugh!

Roadside Beauty

Imagine driving your car on this deserted road, in utter loneliness, and coming across this damsel in distress. Is it a probability, or too good to be true? Knowing my luck, I’d bank on the latter.

Failed Attempt

If you are going to do something, try to do justice to it at least. This the advice I’d give to these blokes, who are trying too hard to follow the Samurai way but with clubs in their hands.

Caught In the Act

Regardless of how wonderful birds might be, the truth is that they are nasty little stealers. Don’t believe me? Well, how are you going to deny this piece of hard evidence, eh?

Those Legs

A majority of the men are suckers for a woman’s legs, right? Well, not many men would like to sit and admire a woman’s legs in such a dangerous scenario. After all, they think with their heads, don’t they?

Glorious Hiding Spot

There’s nothing quite like a game of good, old hide and seek, eh? Well, for the game to go on, you have to actually be found. It appears as if this kid has got other ideas. Nobody’s going to look for him in a dump like that, right?

The Kid’s Got Style

Every kid has got something unique inside of them, right? However, there comes along a kid, every once in a while, and you have no doubt that they are going places. This is that kind of a kid!

No Comments

Believe me, I’d love to write SO much about this picture, but I won’t. Firstly, I’m too busy admiring the scene. Secondly, you wouldn’t be interested in reading what I’ve got to say anyways.

I Mean…Why?

Believe me, I understand that some people deserve to be in the trash bin, but that does not mean that they should do it themselves LITERALLY! What is this guy up to anyway?

Odin, Is That You?

On first sight, it appears to be simple, old lightening from Father Odin, right? But if you stare at it for a bit longer, you will find those first impressions can be deceiving. Have you sent Thor down to us, Odin?

The World Is Burning Down

If you think about it, the whole world is burning down right in front of our eyes. However, something just happens at times a bit too literally. Like this truck. Don’t worry truck, everything will burn down sooner or later.

A Robbery?

Does this like the scene of a robbery? Well, you better think again. This actually a pretty common scene in Brazil and is referred to as “camelô”. A part on the Samba culture, as they say!

Chicken Fight

Our ancestors must have thought the future will see mankind pulling off impossible feats. However, this picture appears to suggest that they couldn’t be any more wrong. Keep at it boys!

Poor Thing

Looking at this one hurts, doesn’t it? This is a cow, perhaps at the end of its life, dragging itself away from the road. It appears as if it’s either hurt, sick or both.

Watch Where You’re Going

This is a picture from Scotland. Some guy took a wrong turn and ended up crashing his car. We hope the passengers are all right, but one really needs to pay attention to detail when driving.


You must have heard stories about you walking yourself home, after a long night of drinking, right? Well, look at this man and you will know exactly what you look like while pulling it off yourself.


The MCU has made us accustomed to seeing several superheroes at once, right? Well, in real life, it is still something which will need some getting used to. It must be an outdoor comic con or something.


This looks like a murder, right? Well, it is, but…just a staged one. These two pranksters faked a murder in the UK just to get some cheap popularity points and limelight on Google Images. It looks like they were successful!

Do Your Job

This appears to a normal photograph, right? Well, that is until you realize that these two individuals are not fighting ebola or something, rather they are busy in fighting one another. Good job, folks!

What the Hell?

Did you think that Penny Farthing bikes were cute? Well, you certainly haven’t seen a Penny Farthing bike with a penguin riding it then. Oh, what the world has come to!


For quite some time now, America has been the nation entrusted with taking the world forward, right? Well, we Americans often come up with these kinds of shenanigans as well. Can we even be trusted?

Japanese Styled Fun

You know how the Japanese are known as the most hard work people in the entire human race, right? Well, it would be wrong to say that they don’t know how to have some fun. Here they are having fun…pigeon style!


This is one of the scariest sights that you are ever going to witness. A tiger on the loose is no laughing matter. Imagine being stuck in a place like this with this ferocious beast…alone. HELP!

You Can’t Hide

Gone are the days when it was possible to stretch under the sun without anyone prying on you. Regardless of where you might be, Google Street View will be watching you…closely.

Get a Room!

Here you see a guy walking with a sex doll. Well, it is natural to have urges brother, but it is important to not let the world know about it. Why don’t you consider getting a room and have some real fun?

We Don’t Like You!

Do you believe that Google Street View Car has changed things for the better? Well, these fine gentlemen do not seem to be in agreement with you. Their middle-fingers show exactly what they think about Google and its technology.

Why Him?

There are certain occasions when you wish you could replace someone in a moment of time, right? Well, this is exactly what I’m feeling right now. What did this guy do exactly to deserve this?


Who would leave real life people brutalized like that? Well, they are not real life people; they are mannequins. And you know what? They can be brutalized in any manner you might deem fit.

Is That A Dog?

Is that a dog? No, it’s a man. I’m sorry; I was used to seeing only dogs taking a wizz near the tires of my car. My mistake; I should have known that people and dogs are TOO alike.

Gold Digging!

Hey, Brazilian amigo! Did you come across any gold in your mine yet? No? Well, you need to keep on digging then. Go deeper in and make sure to get it all out. It’s priceless after all.


Oh God! We really hope that the person inside the vehicle is safe. However, when you consider how the vehicle has been completely mutilated in this image of a recent accident, hope appears to be blind optimism.


I’m all for people getting public jobs but some jobs are not supposed to be public. This is the reason why hand jobs should be confined strictly to the confines of a room. Believe me, we don’t want to see that.


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