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20 Things Men Do That Women Don’t Know About


20 Things Men Do That Women Don’t Know About

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All women know that men do silly things from time to time (or as women would put it, all the time), but it seems like what it is that they actually do is a secret among men, who all apparently swear an oath never to disclose it to a woman.

Well, we’re about to end this era of secrecy. Here before you are the top 20 things that men do that most women probably don’t know about. Some are weird, some unsettling, and some plain disgusting, but they’re all true. Yes, even number 15.

1. Flush mid-pee and race the toilet. 2. Instead of using twist-ties to close the bread just spin the open end of the bag and tuck it underneath. 3. When I am in the shower, I like to cup the water to my chest and then watch it splash to the floor. 4. Entering beast mode running up the stairs while alone. 5. Fantasizing about their female friends. Yes! All of them! 6. Thought about freezing time …. and then doing naughty things to people. 7. Every man has woken up with morning wood and had to do the leaning tower of pisa to hit the toilet. 8. Checked online to see if their length is adequate. Yes, even your pastor. 9. All men at one point in their lives have given the nod to another man for one reason or another. They have also given it to a woman, only to receive a look of confusion. 10. Blow nose into hands in the shower. 11. Wave the bed covers to small a fart. 12. While peeing tried to cover the entire surface of the water with pee bubbles. 13. When writing a comment on a girl’s Facebook, I read it a million times after sending it to make sure it doesn’t sound dumb. 14. Imagine how you would save your workplace, school or whatever from fire or terrorists and be the hero. 15. Looked at their poop when finished thinking they must enjoy the masterpiece they created. 16. Watch romantic comedies alone with no one present so that no one knows. 17. Take off my underwear and then kick it up into my hand and feel like a goddamn ninja master. 18. Delete search history on my computer. 19. Aim your pee at the edge of the toilet water or higher to avoid people knowing you are peeing.

10 Ways Women Act When They Don’t Love You Anymore

Expertise women aren’t simple and the way that they can shroud their feelings absolutely properly just makes decoding them more difficult. On the point whilst girls abandon a relationship, they will be reluctant to be vocal about it till the very quiet. What they may do is hint at inconspicuous unhappiness a good way to get on. In the event that you can’t see those warnings and don’t act rapidly sufficient, settling the relationship could be beyond expectation. Here are 10 cautioning signs and symptoms to pay unique thoughts to while she’s no longer in adoration with you anymore:


Correspondence is the most vital key in the back of the survival of any courting. No matter whether you’re courting has its high points and coffee points or not, when correspondence fails out there may be no expectation of respiratory lifestyles into the connection returned. A pair who speak with every other about the matters that are pestering them, relationship savvy or other, will possibly live to tell the tale a hard situation when contrasted with accomplices who close each other out.



Women love to talk and commonly count on the legal responsibility of creating an informal verbal exchange at domestic. They have twelve matters at the vanguard in their thoughts and may keep as much as proportion points of interest of what passed off at paintings or at home amid the day over supper with you.



Has she all of a sudden begun going approximately as although every little element approximately you is troubling her? Does she come up with indignant appears when you are doing belongings you mainly do on the schedule? Does she appear like usually unsettled in your essence and received divulge to you why? Girls are tremendously expressive about how they experience and at the off risk that they’re afflicted with you, somehow they may make sure they get that message over. This form of behavior isn’t normal and is surely not useful.



She will be the testy kind, as we mentioned in #3, but she ought to likewise be the tranquil kind. In the event that she really doesn’t waste time together with your shenanigans to any extent further and doesn’t get frantic at matters she mostly might get distraught at, at that point, these aren’t pretty stable symptoms both. Strive not to assume that she has found out to well known all the chafing matters which you do. It may likely be that she doesn’t find out the energy or concept in herself to position truly in you any longer.



At the point when two individuals enjoy passionate feelings for and get hitched, they deliver each other their hundred percent bolster too. That means she’s dependably there for you, helping you as are you. Yet, in the event that you’re feeling that she has detached and just concentrates on herself, her paintings and has made herself a want then matters are visiting south. Glaringly, you will want her to be independent and pursue her fantasies.



One of the warning signs of closeness that girls exhibit is they aren’t cognizant approximately commencing up candidly earlier than you. They may impart their biggest feelings of trepidation to you, what they want in a while and are not reluctant to let the waterworks circulation uninhibitedly earlier than you. Anyways, while she quits opening up earlier than you and doesn’t let her emotions thru anymore, it is able to be a demonstration that matters aren’t working out for her as they did some time lately.



You could inform a lady is head over foot rear regions in affection with you considering the fact that she can impact you to feel that way. She will don’t forget little signals of adoration and demonstrations of closeness to tell you the amount you want to her. Girls are fantastic at making their pals and circle of relatives sense extra uncommon.



Maybe one of the fieriest warnings is within the room. It’s far a word sign up the off threat that she is dependably excessively wiped out or no longer in the nation of mind. She pulls away whilst you try and start something and dependably has a cause prepared. You may know the energy has exceeded on and when each of you does get down to something, it feels limited and as though she is sincerely experiencing its ropes all. Connections are in a true peril while sexual closeness starts offevolved to reduce.



You could have had the most fairly awful week at work however that doesn’t bother her. She has a nonpartisan, exhausted and what-do-I-mind demeanor all over as you teach her concerning your work inconveniences or provide your contemplations on something difficult. Your troubles are not anymore her troubles. Where she could beforehand have proven intrigued, would have had long discourses and permit you to tackle a problem, now she wishes you will really allow her to take a seat unbothered and quit speaking.



Ladies long for consideration and they provide a terrific deal of regard for his or her so additionally. Assuming already, she couldn’t maintain up to give you her complete consciousness when you strolled within the entryway (and asked yours as nicely) yet seems to be inaccessible and withdrawn as of late then it’s far truly a notice sign that shallow waters are walking similarly than you could swim in here.

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