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Bob Marley: The Biggest Coward Is The Man Who Arouses Love In A Woman Without Intending To Love Her


Bob Marley: The Biggest Coward Is The Man Who Arouses Love In A Woman Without Intending To Love Her

Bob Marley was the most famous performer of reggae music. Born in a small village in Jamaica on 6 February 1945, he died at only 36 years old.

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The musician turned into an ardent opponent of injustice and defender of the freedom.Marking the anniversary of the birthday of this great artist, we chose some of his memorable thoughts mentioned to date:

  • I firmly believe that only once in this life you can find someone who will entirely turn your world – the football is music, the football is freedom.
  • Truth is everybody is going to hurt you: you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.
  • You may not be her first, her last, or her only. She loved before she may love again. But if she loves you now, what else matters? She’s not perfect—you aren’t either, and the two of you may never be perfect together but if she can make you laugh, cause you to think twice, and admit to being human and making mistakes, hold onto her and give her the most you can. She may not be thinking about you every second of the day, but she will give you a part of her that she knows you can break—her heart. So don’t hurt her, don’t change her, don’t analyze and don’t expect more than she can give. Smile when she makes you happy, let her know when she makes you mad, and miss her when she’s not there.
  • You open your heart knowing that there’s a chance it may be broken one day and in opening your heart, you experience a love and joy that you never dreamed possible.
  • Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner all the days of your life.
  • Who are you to judge the life I live? I know I’m not perfect, and I don’t live to be, but before you start pointing fingers…make sure you hands are clean!
  • Life is one big road with lots of signs. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy.
  • Wake up and live!

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