Canadian Researchers Left The World Speechless – They Revealed An Alarming Prediction!

Representatives of the Canadian research company BCA Research revealed alarming prediction that the humanity is counting the last centuries of the existence on Earth.


Probability of the destruction of humanity until 2290-the year is 50%, while the 2710-year 95%. People can save themselves, first by colonizing on another planet or by constructing large orbital stations – said the report of BCA Research.

The authors of the research says that humanity is approaching to a critical point, which can be overcome with the sudden increase of the human intellect with the help of genetic technology. The probability of the end of the world also growth recently.

According to representatives of BCA Research, a chance for downfall of the humanity to 3000 year is from 50 to 95%. According to them, the probability of apocalypse is now much higher than in the previous centuries.

The Canadians believe that for these reasons, the biggest investors will no longer be focused only on making money and will start to invest in a risky projects that potentially can extend the life of our planet.

The famous physicist Stephen Hawking is confident that humanity can survive only if they found a way to colonize other planets. The scientist believes that in the next 100 years people will be settle on the moon.

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