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She Divorced Her Husband Because He Voted For Trump


She Divorced Her Husband Because He Voted For Trump

Donald Trump is the reason why this married couple were fighting a lot and eventually it led to their divorce after the wife couldn’t handle her husband voting for Trump.

Gayle McCormick divorced her husband after 22 years of marriage because she “couldn’t get over that” – as the mediums report.

I was completely ruined knowing that my husband may vote for Trump – said McCormick who is 73 years old prison keeper. She was devastated when her husband accidently mentioned that he wanted to vote for Trump while they were having a diner with friends.

– I feel deceived. As my whole life was spent in a lie. His decision has opened some questions that we have not faced. I realized how far I went with accepting things that I would not have approved when I was young, she says.

Results from a survey of Reuters / Ipsos show that between December 27 to January 18 the percentage of fighting in the families about politics has raised from 33% to 39%. Even 16% people declared that they stopped talking to a member of their family or a friend because of the political parties.

“It was really hard for me,” said Rob Brunello from Mayfield Heights, Ohio who was a truck driver and who faced blockade with family and friends because he supported Trump. “People just did not believe that Trump could beat Hillary and now have difficulty to accept it,” he added.

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