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Recipe Of The Most Powerful Natural Antibiotic

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Recipe Of The Most Powerful Natural Antibiotic

Famous doctor Richard Schultz discovered a recipe that he calls supertonic, because it helps in treating many diseases.

Tinctures are among the best natural remedies. Because of what is extracted and stored in them and because they keep the best from plants. On the other hand, they are very strong, so they should be taken with care.

Although people usually put alcohol in tinctures, you should know that apple cider vinegar is perfect solvent if you want to make a tonic-tincture.

Not only that is 100 percent non-toxic, but it also has many other health benefits:

– It helps regulate the acidity of the body.
– It helps the digestive tract – if apple cider vinegar is of organic origin and not filtered. Contains symbiotic colonies of friendly bacteria and fungi that are excellent probiotic.
– Reduces cholesterol and helps with insulin sensitivity.
– Apple acid antibacterial and antiviral and also helps in the production of energy and increases mental functioning muscle.
– It strengthens the immune system.

Famous doctor  discovered the recipe that  he calls super – tonic because it helps in the treatment of many diseases. He emphasizes that it is necessary to use ingredients from organic origin or alone to raise them to extract all the positive effects.

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