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This Small New Gadget Reveals How Many Calories Your Food Contains

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This Small New Gadget Reveals How Many Calories Your Food Contains

Have you ever wished for a magic wand to instantly find out how many calories your food has? This is exactly that.

We are talking about SCiO, a new small device which scans your food in order to find out what it contains – the calories, carbohydrates and fat. With its help you can regularly monitor the intake of food and with that get a plan on how to imprive your diet.

How does it exactly work? The gadget SCiO uses a molecular light sesor to identify the chemical composition of food, and it even scans more specific ingredients, such as, for example, cooking oil. What is the best from all of these? You see all of these information on the app called DietSensor, which also gives advice about your diet. This application has also recieved an award for inovtation this year.

For now, the scanner works best with homogeneous foods, such as bread. However, the company has stated that people mostly use this gadget for scanning other types of foods, and the more data it collects, the more accurate it will be.

Even though it is available for everyone who wants to buy it, this gadget is mostly intended for people with diabetes and other health problems which include a specific diet. In fact, the idea for the fabrication of this gadget comes from a French company, after the daughter of one og the founders was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2014.

This gadget is expected to cost $249 and to be released on sale the first half of this year.

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