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Why Guys Like To Hit It From The Back

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Why Guys Like To Hit It From The Back

Doggy style is the preferred position amongst most men. Ever questioned why? Hither, we break down precisely why guys like to hit it from the back.

Comment below if the doggy style is your desired position.

A sexy arched back, hair they can pull, and a cute tush they can spank are the fascinating things in this position.

To traverse the rest of their partner’s body partner’s hands are free.

If they want to grab or massage some boobs, they can reach around.

Or stroke farther down.

Actually seeing the penetration is a huge turn on as men are visual and like to look.

Entirely the woman is on her hands and knees, in a position of submission.

Not to mention, it’s lovemaking they get to set the pace and the depth as well.

They’re neither holding themselves up nor confined flat beneath a person as this is comfortable and suitable for their back.

From the hips and shoulders to the hair and front of thighs there are more handholds.

They feel like they’re dominating their partner it’s a position of power.

To drive themselves in they can use their partner’s hips.

That raw “face down, butt up” vibe to it.

The primal urges are sent into overdrive when a woman looks over her shoulder.

A position that allows for quickies and long sessions is both, primal or sensual and tender or rough.

It’s right P-to-V contact position without any distress.

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