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You’re A Fool If You Let A Girl Who Would Do Anything For You Go

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You’re A Fool If You Let A Girl Who Would Do Anything For You Go

So at some point in your life, you were lucky enough to have a girl who was willing to do anything and everything for you. She was sweet and gentle and caring and loved you above everything else.

You're A Fool If You Let A Girl Who Would Do Anything For You Go

But you were an idiot. You confused her loving nature to her being naive and immature. You thought that she was so head over heels with you because of how you looked or your social standing. But you were so mistaken. She loved you because she saw something in you which nobody else did. She wanted to make a future with you, not just a fashion statement.

But you were the naive one because you decided to kick all of this away. And you did it in the most brutal way, you broke her heart. And the worst part is, that you will perhaps never realize the amount of damage you caused because you haven’t loved someone so deeply and been refused by them. You thought she was just another girl and you didn’t owe her anything other than the duration you were with her. But how can you not realize she was much more special and was supposed to be cherished forever.

You broke her heart, and you made her cry. For nights after nights she sobbed herself to sleep, always questioning why wasn’t she enough for you when you were enough to be her whole world. You were a fool to make her feel like that, but it doesn’t just end here. After weeks, perhaps months of crying, one day she realized she was done.

Your biggest act of stupidity was making her realize that how happy she was without you. She picked up the pieces of her broken heart, and soon found someone who was ready to put them back in place. Just because you weren’t smart enough to realize how precious she was, doesn’t mean others will do the same mistake. Don’t think that you can get her back anytime you want, that time is long gone.

She had a big heart and was willing to let you in, so much that she even allowed you to break it. But that was all you got. Now she is with someone who loves her as she is supposed to be loved; whose heart beats for her. Someone, whose only motivation in life is to always love her and protect her. For him, even the thought of abandoning her, like you did, is blasphemous.

He will always keep her happy and she will do everything she was willing to do for you. Because that’s just how she is, when she loves she does it with complete abandon. She doesn’t measure her love for profit and loss. She was the very best of the human nature and definitely the best you could have ever been with, but you let her go. And good for her, she won’t even think of, much less regret, you.

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